i am a photographer, not a writer... 
i don't want to go on and on about my bachelor's degree in photography, my 13 years of pro photo experience or the 250+ weddings that i've photographed over the years, but i will tell you a little about myself and why i do what i do. ​​​
i was born and raised in california, although these days the leading question friends and family ASK IS, "where are you today?" 
i love to travel. let me say that again, I LOVE TO TRAVEL! so far i have driven to or through 40 states. 2020 was SUPPOSED to be the year i filled up my passport, but... Covid. For now i only have stamps from japan, mexico, the united kingdom, vietnam, portugal and the bahamas. 
​i became a photographer because i love capturing not just moments in time, but the emotion in those moments. it's the emotion that makes the magic, and i have been told that i am especially skilled at putting people at ease in front of the camera. THAT allows me to capture those unguarded moments when YOU truly forget YOU'RE in front of my lens. ​schedule your session and lets capture some magic!
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